What are the application areas of the cioplenu platform?

  • The cioplenu platform covers various application scenarios along the entire value chain. Our customers use the software in the areas of training, plant construction, maintenance, quality assurance, assembly and other industry-related application areas.

What types of documents can be created and used?

  • In cioplenu you can create the classic types of industry documentation. These include assembly instructions, running cards, packing instructions, maintenance checklists, maintenance instructions, setup manuals, repair manuals, audit checklists or test reports.

Is it possible to import existing documentation?

  • Existing images from office documents can be transferred quickly and easily to the cioplenu platform.

Can documentations be created in several languages?

  • Yes, you can create and maintain your work instructions and checklists in any language. The user interface of the software can currently be set to German, English, Polish, Tchescjisch, Slovak, Chinese and French.

How does user and rights management work?

  • In the cioplenu platform you can create your individual users adapted to your company structure and assign roles and rights.

Is a connection with existing software infrastructure possible?

  • Yes. cioplenu offers various integration options in existing ERP, ME and CMM systems. With the CLI Connector we offer a documented standard interface to the cioplenu platform. Furthermore, it is possible to connect to the cioplenu platform via a future-proof data structure (JSON, REST API Standard). Here you can find more about integration.

How do I migrate from my existing documentation system to the cioplenu platform?

  • Ideally you should introduce the cioplenu platform step by step. Plan the transformation in the medium term, taking into account all impacts and stakeholders.

  • Existing documents that were previously stored in your cloud or on a network drive or in a document management system do not have to be moved. These can be synchronized via the CLI Connector or the MS-Azure Cloud.

  • You can also fully use existing documentation in PDF format on the cioplenu platform and increase the value of the documents through interactions and simple provisioning. If there is a need for change, you can convert them bit by bit into the cioplenu format.

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